Star Pirates Help FAQ


  1. Is there a Strategy Guide?
  2. What if I still have questions?
  3. ShoutBox Etiquette
Is there a Strategy Guide?
Yes. This can be found here: Strategy Guide for StarPirates
What if I still have questions?

If your question wasn't answered by these FAQs, please send a personal message (PM) to a greeter. Greeters and other leaders are here.

Greeters players who have volunteered to answer your questions. Do this by finding a greeter who is online and clicking on 'Messages' in your left bar.

ShoutBox Etiquette
SPAM is not permitted in the shoutbox. All requests or posting of any external links in the shoutbox is strictly forbidden. Links to problem-causing sites are also not permitted.

If you repeatedly discuss other games, we will intervene. This policy has been stated several times. We will ignore occasional and brief discussions but not if they continue beyond a short burst.

If you're going to chat 'off topic' please prefix your shout with the ~! tag (a button is provided for convenience).

For Role-Playing shouts, please prefix the shout with the ~RP tag (again, a button is provided).