Star Pirates Help FAQ

Game features

  1. Rescuing Other Players (Lost In Space)
  2. What are officers?
  3. What Are Stocks? How Do They Work?
  4. What Does 'Spy' Do?
  5. How does the cloak work?
  6. Bombs - How Do They Work?
  7. Bombs - I Used 200 Small Bombs And They Didn't Blow Up?
  8. What Is a Sunspot?
Rescuing Other Players (Lost In Space)
If you see someone lost in space - go rescue them! This requires 4 fuel.

There's a good reward - experience is 150 + 10x their level. (yes this is usually more experience than if you defeated them in combat!). The cargo reward is 250 + 3 x their level - but you can fail or be lost in space yourself. A successful rescue will also have the Starport replenish half the fuel used (2 fuel points returned to you) and will return both you and the rescued player to the nearest station (which could be anywhere the lost player could normally get to).

As with Salvage Forays, the more fuel you have and the better your engines, the higher chance you have to succeed at a rescue.
What are officers?
You might find an officer during a difficult salvage foray. The tougher the foray, the higher your odds to locate an officer. The number of successful forays in the past does not influence this.

You can hire them - you'll have one chance at it. You can have one officer as part of your crew at a time - hiring on another one will make the first leave in a fit of jealousy.

These give benefits depending upon their type - but they also take some of your found cargo and experience (10%). This slowly increases their power.

Officers are unreliable (they are pirates after all) and may leave you at any time. If and when they leave, the experience and level you help them attain is not 'lost' - if you later find the same type of officer, they will still be at the level you trained them to.

Officers cannot be sold nor traded - they are people not 'things'. There are currently 4 different kinds of officers, each have their own unique abilities and each gets progressively more powerful as you help them gain experience.

Officers do not gain (take any of your) experience nor cargo when you rescue other players.
What Are Stocks? How Do They Work?
From the Station, click "Buy Stocks". All planets have the same stocks - stock prices change periodically. Stocks can climb and then may crash if they are overpriced and if they drop too low they can surge high. There is a small chance the entire market can crash (A crash means ALL stocks go down at once by 25%.). Buy low, sell high. 10% fee to buy, no fee to sell.

Stocks will fluctuate and if a particular stock keeps exceeding a peak it can (and probably WILL eventually) drop; sometimes drops are precipitous.
What Does 'Spy' Do?
Odds for a spy to find a stat are 2 out of 3 per stat.
Cost is $250 per level or $5000 (whichever is less) per attempt. A 75% discount applies to spy attempts on fleetmates.

There is also a chance your spy will also reveal what weapons are installed on the ship. The higher the target level, the less probable this is.
How does the cloak work?
Cloak: Lasts 20-40 minutes. While active, there is a 75% chance to work during attacks made while the effect lasts - if it does, a random person will be 'picked' to be shown in the event and logs rather than 'you'.

In addition, the city reported on the player profile is 80% likely to be wrong. There is a further 80% chance that cargo on hand will be hidden on the profile - though it will still show on the Hall of Fame.

The Signature Scrambler has functions similar to this but has some other features as well.
Bombs - How Do They Work?
Usage is fairly simple, if you have a bomb, open the target player's profile and select "Plant Bomb".

The next time that you attack the target, your bombs are set off - each bomb has a malfunction rate that is checked at the time of the trigger. If it malfunctions the bomb does not explode.

Bombs are electronically encoded to only go off when the 'planter' attacks the target or the planter is attacked by the player the bombs were planted on. The only variant is that during a fleet war, the bombs will go off if any member of your fleet attacks a pirate that you have planted a bomb on (and vise versa).

Every minute, there is a 1x#bombs % chance that the bomb will be discovered by the target. If this happens, ALL bombs will be removed from the target ship no matter who planted them or how many were planted.

There is also a chance that during an attack, the bomb will damage the attacker as well as the defender.

Officers add modifiers to bombs (see your officer information).
Bombs - I Used 200 Small Bombs And They Didn't Blow Up?
Bombs (that don't malfunction) do damage based upon remaining HP, not based upon the maximum hull structure. If they didn't, they'd need to become more rare than they are or the game would become STAR BOMBERS.

Small bombs can weaken someone up. In your log the malf was increased - but it's still an odds; if the malfunction does not occur it does not show the percentage. If you use too many it's possible the opponent will 'one-shot' you because the bombs also do damage to you - not as much as to the target on average.

Pumpkin bombs do more damage - but at 60% maximum they cannot really kill someone off before combat begins. They have a low MALF% so are superior to small bombs and can be superior to Large Bombs.

Large bombs can do up to 100% of the maximum remaining damage - they CAN actually kill the target before combat begins however there's a big MALF%.
What Is a Sunspot?
A sunspot is a catastrophic flood of charged particles from the sun - a solar storm. It is rumored that these are assisted by SoE forces using and testing a "SunBomb" device for eventual total destruction of the Solar System in order to eradicate the AI Council.

During a Sunspot players:
- attack as if cloaked
- can attack members of their Fleet
- fuel, energy, misfire, additional damage, ambush damage and ambush chances are increased

Max Fuel=+1
Max Energy=+1
Additional Damage=+2
Ambush Damage=+5
Ambush Chance=+10%