Star Pirates Help FAQ

Fleet wars

  1. How Do Fleet Wars start?
  2. How Do Fleets Wars work??
  3. How Do Fleet Wars end?
  4. How Do I See Who Is Fighting?
  5. What is a War Foray?
  6. How does Intercept work?
  7. How Does the 2-Minute Timer Work?
How Do Fleet Wars start?
Fleet Leader announces an attack, the enemy Fleet is informed and the War starts 24 hours after the announcement. Go to Fleet -> Declare War! and select the Fleet from the drop-down that you wish to attack and Ladder that you are attacking in. You must enter the random Confirmation Code, the click "[Declare War]"

You can't start a war unless:

- you have 10 members level 5 or more
- they have 10 members level 5 or more
- they are within your ladder position + 5 (above) or - 5 (below).
- they were not in a war within the last 2 days
- you were not in a war within the last 3 days
- they are not already in a war
- you are not already in a war
How Do Fleets Wars work??
Each kill on the enemy Fleet members knocks some hp off (see below). If you attack and they win, your Fleet loses hp - UNLESS they are offline. We reward active play, we don't reward inactive play. If you're not online, you're not helping the war. If the war has been announced but has not yet started, kills do not count towards the war progress.

Gaining a Fleet level while a war is on does not boost/regen your Fleet's hp, though it does increase your Fleet's maximum hp.

10 minute immunity timer between hits allowed drops down to 3 for Fleet Wars - so the minimum time between hits is only 2 minutes during a Fleet War for your Fleet and the Enemy Fleet, even if points or a regenabot summoner are used. Players not involved in the Fleet War still have the 10 minute timer in effect.

Note that offline timer is unchanged - 10 minutes of no game activity and you're offline. That is important - offline players who defeat the attacker DO NOT REDUCE THE ATTACKING FLEET'S HP.

Offline players involved in a Fleet War who are sent to the shipyard are there only for 5 minutes. This means while the war is underway, being offline hurts your Fleet. Even if you cannot defeat the enemy, it is much better to be online and trying the war forays than to be offline.


Our initial concern was avoiding something which appeared to punish high level players (i.e. it's not fair making them receive less kill points by hitting a lower level target just because they've worked hard and got levels) yet which also encouraged / rewarded hits on the bigger targets vs. just the weakest of the Fleet.

The solution we're going to use is to make the hp value equal to one-quarter the defeated player's level (rounded down).

So levels 1-3 add nothing (high levels can't hit them anyway).
Levels 4-7 = 1 hp. Levels 8-11 = 2 hp. 12-15 = 3 hp. 16-19 = 4 hp. 20-23 = 5 hp.
24-27 = 6 hp. 28-31 = 7 hp. 32-35 = 8 hp. 36-39 = 9 hp. etc.
How Do Fleet Wars end?
Either your Fleet or the other Fleet Wins. A win occurs when the other Fleet's hit points drop below 1 or if the other Fleet surrenders. When the war ends, the Fleets have their hp returned to max. Your Fleet's new ladder spot is equal to the Fleet you attacked; they get 'bumped down' one spot and so does everyone who was below that. If neither fleet inflicts enough damage to win within 48 hours, then the defender wins.
How Do I See Who Is Fighting?
Click Station -> Wars/Ladders
What is a War Foray?
During a war, a new foray appears which allows players to try a strafing run on the enemy. This is an all-out attack on a group of enemy ships which can be attempted every 15 seconds.

The chance depends upon your Fuel, the more you have, the greater your odds (25% + 1 per FUEL you have - maximum 85% chance of success). The HP inflicted upon the enemy Fleet also depends upon the amount of fuel you have (from 1 to a maximum of your FUEL/5, rounded down).

This requires a minimum of 10 FUEL and 23% ENERGY to do.

Success consumes all available FUEL and ENERGY.

Failure takes 20% energy and all your FUEL. You are not put into the Shipyard if you fail as that would otherwise eliminate your ship as a target.
How does Intercept work?
Pirate Armadas can be set up to intercept War Forays during a war. (see FAQ: Pirate Armadas for more info) War foray interception chances are dependent upon Armada size.

Chance of intercepting the foray is +4% per member added (ignoring the Armada owner) and can range from 0 - 36%.

As members are removed, the interception chance drops.
How Does the 2-Minute Timer Work?
The 2 minute protection is from the time of attack, not from the time of leaving the shipyard.

Normally, a ship that has been sent to the shipyard cannot be attacked for 10 minutes, even if they are not in the shipyard for that duration (because of using points, regenabot summoners, etc).

For fleet wars, it was felt this would give too much of an advantage, so it was reduced to 2 minutes, but only for war attacks.

However, if you are in the shipyard for longer than the protection period, you can immediately be attacked as soon as you leave the Shipyard.