Star Pirates Help FAQ

Pirate Armadas

  1. What are Pirate Armadas?
  2. How do I create an Armada?
  3. How I do join an Armada?
  4. How do Armada attacks work?
  5. How do Armadas intercept War Forays?
What are Pirate Armadas?
Pirate Armadas are groups of Pirates who attack their target in a group.

- can only be formed within your own Fleet
- have a maximum size of 10 members
- can only be controlled by the leader
- can be created / accessed from the Fleet page
- can be much more powerful than any of the members
- can be used up and destroyed
- can intercept war forays
How do I create an Armada?
To create a Pirate Armada, you must go to your Fleet. Creation costs 10 points. After creating, the create link changes to a 'Pirate Armada' link.
Pirate Armadas cost 10 points to assemble.
How I do join an Armada?
You can invite others into your armada once formed - but only from your own Fleet. Players can accept an invite for $500 x level (maximum $10,000).

Players can join an armada if they are sent an invite from the Armada leader. You can invite by clicking 'Pirate Armada' -> Invite (the user is in the drop-down). As you invite or they accept, the drop-down contents shorten.

Players must be in the same location to accept an invite - they are assumed to automatically 'move with' the Armada leader; we do not enforce the location to continue to match as it is a pain to play and we want to favor fast and furious.

Fleet leaders do not need to invite members, instead they 'force' members into an Armada they control - in which case an invite is not sent, the player will automatically join and the funds are taken from the Vault.

You cannot be in more than one armada at a time. You cannot invite others who are currently in an Armada (they do not show in your drop-down list).

After accepting an invite, all your other invites are erased - so you cannot have several offers, then join one, drop out, join another, etc.
How do Armada attacks work?
When attacking, it is the Armada leader's energy which is checked and drained. An Armada attacker uses Armada stats but the defender fires on a single ship at a time. If the target wins, he gets the full kill for each of the wolfpack members he defeats.

An Armada defender is picked at random from anyone in the wolfpack EXCEPT the leader until everyone else is gone. That is who the target concentrates his return fire on until they are defeated.

Armadas do NOT get engine bonuses for speed - their target DOES (if faster). Armadas do NOT get superior engine bonuses - however they CAN surprise. Targets of an Armada DO get superior engine bonus but cannot surprise (since they are not the attacker).

Cloaks do not work to protect Armadas.

Bombs DO work with Armadas - the first defender takes the bomb damage, however bomb malfunctions apply to all within the Armada until that combat resolves.

Each time someone is lost from the Armada, the maximum size drops - it cannot be increased again. If the Armada leader is killed as part of a Pirate Armada attack (NOT just by attacking the leader) then the Armada is destroyed no matter how many open slots are available.

If the Armada wins, the last defender who 'got the kill' is given the experience, cargo and their officer experience; that player is then dropped from the Armada. Note that this can mean the Pirate Armada leader will get ZERO.

A new option appears on the player profile, PIRATE ARMADA which allows you to attack with the ARMADA.

Fighting stats: ATTACKING -> each player in the Pirate Armada contributes half their modded stats to Weapons EXCEPT: minimum and surprise damage modifiers are averaged.

Fighting stats: DEFENDING, ENGINES -> one player at random is selected, they are the one attacked, this uses their shields and engines stat. Combat proceeds as normal. In other words, the power of the Pirate Armada is on the offense but they will crumble and FAST if they don't get the first kill in.

Each member in the Armada adds +1 additional damage when the Armada fights, and each additional member increases critical chances +3% and critical damage +30 (these bonuses are shown on the Pirate Armada screen).

e.g. 5 members = +5 additional damage, 10 members = +10 additional damage, +12% critical chance, +120 critical damage

MALFUNCTION chances are AVERAGED not summed. Officer bonuses that do not go directly to stats (e.g. bomb adjustments), are averaged for the armada.

Officer bonuses, items, etc. are applied then brought into the above.

Players who are in the shipyard or lost in space after joining the armada do not participate in the armada fight.

Fleet Events are populated with Armada fight events.
How do Armadas intercept War Forays?
War foray interception chances are dependent upon Armada size.
+4% per member added (ignoring the Armada owner) and can range from 0 - 36%.
As members are removed, the interception chance drops.

Interceptions are checked before the war foray attempt resolves. If the interception fails, the war foray chance is then resolved.

Intercepting before the Armada is ready is undesirable so the control over interception is provided on the Pirate Armada Actions page. Click "Intercept is OFF" to toggle the Interception to ON state. To turn it off again, click "Intercept is ON".