Star Pirates Help FAQ

Game mechanics

  1. Do Consumable Items 'Stack'?
  2. What Does Weapon Tech Do?
  3. What Does Defense Tech Do?
  4. What Does Engine Tech Do?
  5. How do my stats grow?
  6. How do Surprise Attacks work?
  7. How Does Weapon Damage Work?
  8. How do Critical Damage and Critical Resist work?
  9. How Fast Does Fuel, Energy, Research Regenerate?
  10. How Do You Increase The Chance for Successful Forays?
  11. How can I improve my results of finding items by searching?
  12. How Long Are You Lost In Space?
  13. How Does Experience Work?
Do Consumable Items 'Stack'?
Multiple consumable items of different types can be used at once, however using a second of the same type of consumable just resets the time for the duration effect. The same consumable item does not 'stack'.
What Does Weapon Tech Do?
Weapon technology increases the damage you can inflict in combat; it is the base value upon which installed equipment acts - either increasing or decreasing the value (this is known as the 'modded' weapon value). See the discussion about combat damage for more information.
What Does Defense Tech Do?
Defense reduces the ability of opponents to inflict damage upon you in combat.
What Does Engine Tech Do?
Engine power determines who strikes first in combat and provides a chance to surprise attack your enemies while reducing the odds they will surprise attack you.

Engine technology increases the chance to successfully salvage and to rescue other players.

A superior manuevering bonus given to the ship with better engines. This is an amount of Hull Points equal to 1/10th the difference in modded engine values (maximum of 90).

This while somewhat small has an interesting effect - damage is taken from the 'bonus' Hull Points first. This increases the margin of superior engine speed to avoid damage.
How do my stats grow?
As you gain experience levels, your statistics will rise.

Fuel: 4 + 1 per level
Energy: 9 + 1 per level

All statistics are able to be affected by those items installed on your ship - and the ship itself determines your base statistics for Hull Points and Research Units, however your crew level boost those as follows:

Hull Points: bonus of 10 x your level
Research Units: bonus +1 per level
How do Surprise Attacks work?
If your modified engines score is greater than your opponent's and you launch the attack, you have a chance to do a Surprise Attack.

Surprise attacks provide an extra amount on the first attack's maximum damage (note this is to the maximum damage possible, not to the minimum damage).

Surprise attacks also can increase the target's Malfunction Chance. However, unlike the surprise damage which applies only to the first attack, since you catch the opponent off-guard, their weapon malfunction chance increases for the entire battle. This increase can be a minimum of 5%, it can be more (up to 30%) depending upon how much greater your engines are than the defender's. That can swing the battle in your favor.

Look for weapons which increase Engines, increase Surprise Attack Damage and Surprise Attack Chances.

Chance to surprise depends upon your equipment bonus + difference in modded engines / 10, capped at 90%.

Surprise damage has a MINIMUM of 1, and a MAXIMUM equal to your level x 3 + sum of all your equipment. Value shown in combat is the random value picked from within this range. This suprise damage thus completely IGNORES DEFENSE.

After regular damage is determined, the surprise damage determined is added to the total damage for the first combat round.

SURPRISE damage can never be reduced.
How Does Weapon Damage Work?
Damage is a random value from 1 to a MAXIMUM DAMAGE AMOUNT.


*There is a modifier to WEAPONS - SHIELDS: if it's less than 4 points (or your level/5 if that is higher) then the MAX DAMAGE AMOUNT is increased to 4 (or level/5).

A random value is picked between 1 and MAX DAMAGE AMOUNT.

If you succeed with a surprise attack, another amount is added from 1 to SURPRISE DAMAGE AMOUNT.

Each of the damage bonus types is determined randomly from +1 to +maximum of that type (i.e. if you can do 25 surprise, you get from +1 to +25 each time).
How do Critical Damage and Critical Resist work?
Some items and officers give the additional bonus of critical damage or critical damage resistance. If you critically hit, another damage amount is added to your hit from 1 to MAX CRITICAL DAMAGE.

Eg. CRITICAL (+254 ) Hit:

Note that both SURPRISE and CRITICAL damages ignore shields.

CRITICAL RESISTANCE can absorb some CRITICAL DAMAGE. Only CRITICAL DAMAGE is reduced by CRITICAL RESISTANCE - normal damage remains unaffected. Each time a critical hit occurs, there is a chance for the opponent to resist. If a critical resist is successful, the critical damage inflicted will be reduced by an amount between 1 and max REDUCE CRIT. DAMAGE.

Eg. CRITICAL (+139 - CRITICAL REDUCTION of 23 = 116)
How Fast Does Fuel, Energy, Research Regenerate?
Energy, Fuel and Hull Points (but not Research) as a small 'congratulations' are recharged for Notorious Star Pirates when a level is gained.

Energy comes back at 5% per minute for regular players. Notorious players have it come back 50% faster (7.5%).

Research returns at 1 per minute. Notorious players have these values come back 50% faster - on odd minutes research goes up by 1, even minutes it goes up by 2.

Hull points go up by 5 per minute for regular players and 10 per minute for Notorious players.

Fuel goes up 2 points every 5 minutes for regular players and 3 points every 5 minutes for Notorious players.

These rates limit player training and are done deliberately for two reasons:

1. it limits/slows super-fast crazy growth
2. players are encouraged to use points and AI Cycle Bursts and to trade with each other for them
How Do You Increase The Chance for Successful Forays?
Engine technology will increase your odds and the more fuel you have available, the better your odds. Going out on an empty tank is best done for the least costly salvage forays.
How can I improve my results of finding items by searching?
Different stations do not affect the odds of the chance of finding an item - there may or may not be a difference in the type of item found.

Your crew level increases the turns you get per search attempt as does being Notorious, but does not directly increase the amount of cargo found in one search turn, however you end up on average with more value the higher your level since you have more turns with each search.
How Long Are You Lost In Space?
The actual lost time is dependent upon the fuel required for the foray, the maximum time to be 'lost' is 10 minutes and the minimum is 1 minute. The higher the foray, the longer the lost time. This game is meant to favor 'fast and furious' play not waiting while still retaining balance. Those taking the biggest risks should not be forced to wait inordinate amounts of time; we have also made rescues worthwhile and the cost for points to escape very cheap to reinforce this. See also: Rescuing Other Players (Lost In Space)
How Does Experience Work?
Winning a Combat:
100 + 10 x crew level + 4 x ship grade (not counting the starting ship)