Star Pirates Help FAQ


  1. Can I Post Mature Threads?
  2. Do I Own my Posts?
  3. Can I post Other's Material?
  4. What Are bbcodes?
Can I Post Mature Threads?
The short answer is no. All material should be legitimate for Teens (those 13 and up) according to the US media rating system. Some threads may be acknowledge as more mature than others; and not of interest to those players who aren't interested in suggestive material. If you have have a thread like that, you may want to put "Mature Thread: title name" in the Subject/Title area.

In no cases are threats, swearing, and other non-Teen concepts allowed in the website. Those will lead to warnings. freezings and/or banishment from the site.
Do I Own my Posts?
As always, all unique material posted to StarPirates becomes the property of StarPirates and Snakehead Games. If you are uncomfortable with this, then please do not post to the forums, shoutbox, etc.. Sorry but we have to do this for legal reasons.

Please also see related FAQ and T&C material on Copyright.
Can I post Other's Material?
Short Answer - no. If you post material created by others please ensure it does not violate Copyright.

It is up to the individual poster (that's you) to ensure that all material is free of Copyright issues. In other words, do not post material to StarPirates which breaks Canadian Copyright and your local statues.
What Are bbcodes?
bbcodes are a means to format text 'safely'. They use a 'start' tag and an 'end tag' (same as the start tag but with a / to indicate 'stop') to show a section of text to format; the tags are wrapped with [] and can be:
b, i, u, url, img, center, small

e.g. This text shows [b]bold[/b]

In addition, a color tag is supported with the following values: