Star Pirates Help FAQ

Table of contents

  1. Bombs - How Do They Work?
  2. Bombs - I Used 200 Small Bombs And They Didn't Blow Up?
  3. Can I Get the Name that an Inactive Player Used?
  4. Can I Post Mature Threads?
  5. Can I Put NOMs or Upgraded Items into the Fleet Armory?
  6. Can I find NOMs in the debris/asteroid belts etc?
  7. Can I post Other's Material?
  8. Can you explain the meanings (and differences between) - Attacks - Raids - Ambushes - Farming – Dominating?
  9. Can't Validate on a Blackberry - I cannot see the code and even logging out and back it keeps trying to validate?
  10. Cool! So can I Upgrade my Research Gear and Make a Mega Research Item?
  11. Do Consumable Items 'Stack'?
  12. Do I Own my Posts?
  13. Fleet Home Location
  14. Fleet Ownership: Can it be Given Away?
  15. For mining why does it only look at the amount of defense / engines that you have researched and not the total for your ship?
  16. How Are Referral Ballots Counted?
  17. How Do Fleet Wars end?
  18. How Do Fleet Wars start?
  19. How Do Fleets Wars work??
  20. How Do I Change My Shipname?
  21. How Do I Delete My Account?
  22. How Do I Get Points?
  23. How Do I Join A Fleet?
  24. How Do I Loan Items From the Fleet Armory?
  25. How Do I See How Many Notorious Days I Have?
  26. How Do I See Who Is Fighting?
  27. How Do I Upgrade My Starship?
  28. How Do You Increase The Chance for Successful Forays?
  29. How Does Experience Work?
  30. How Does Weapon Damage Work?
  31. How Does the 2-Minute Timer Work?
  32. How Fast Does Fuel, Energy, Research Regenerate?
  33. How I do join an Armada?
  34. How Long Are You Lost In Space?
  35. How Much Experience Do I Need to Gain a Level?
  36. How Rare Are NOMs?
  37. How can I improve my results of finding items by searching?
  38. How do Armada attacks work?
  39. How do Armadas intercept War Forays?
  40. How do Critical Damage and Critical Resist work?
  41. How do I create an Armada?
  42. How do I mail all Members of My Fleet?
  43. How do Surprise Attacks work?
  44. How do my stats grow?
  45. How does Intercept work?
  46. How does the cloak work?
  47. How many items can you install on your ship? Does it depend on the level of the ship or crew?
  48. How much does it cost to upgrade an item using NOMs?
  49. I Found a NOM Instead of an Item!
  50. I got Raided - Everything Should Pay to Credit!
  51. I just bought Notorious status, but didn't get my my five extra search turns. Why not?
  52. I just spent 5 points and didn't get as many debris search turns as I do on the hourly searches. What gives?
  53. I was Raided Offline; But I had no Money?
  54. Is there a Strategy Guide?
  55. Notorious Pirate - What's the Benefit?
  56. Rescuing Other Players (Lost In Space)
  57. Search - Nobody Shows Up?
  58. ShoutBox Etiquette
  59. We Have Multiple Accounts From the Same IP (Work, School) but We Also Play From Home (different IP) - Can We Trade?
  60. What Are Stocks? How Do They Work?
  61. What Are bbcodes?
  62. What Does 'Spy' Do?
  63. What Does Defense Tech Do?
  64. What Does Engine Tech Do?
  65. What Does Weapon Tech Do?
  66. What Is A Fleet?
  67. What Is a Sunspot?
  68. What are NOMs, and how do they work?
  69. What are Pirate Armadas?
  70. What are officers?
  71. What if I still have questions?
  72. What is Begging, or How to Get Banned Fast?
  73. What is Multi-accounting?
  74. What is a "Stale Link"?
  75. What is a War Foray?
  76. What is an 'MK'?
  77. What is the Fleet Vault?
  78. What's the difference between being raided and being attacked by another player?
  79. Where Is Galactic Credit?
  80. Where Is The Friends and Enemy List?
  81. Why Can't I Send to My Roommate/Friend/Visitor/Workmate?
  82. Why Doesn't the Server Time Automatically Update?
  83. Why are Player Names Coloured?